Richard and Joy Wood to retire

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After 40 years of doing projects for the broadcasting industry, Richard and Joy Wood are announcing their retirement.

As married business partners they were the owners of Skyline Communications from 1980 to 1999, specializing in tower construction and maintenance work. With more than 500 towers built and many feet of structures maintained, the two of them then formed Resonant Results. This firm focused on testing and troubleshooting broadcasting antenna systems plus providing in the field project logistics and installation services for station construction and refits. 

“We have worked with so many good people and would like to thank all of you for help and support over these many years,” they wrote.

They would like to thank: Jim Crooks, Clif Groth, Don Borchardt (FM Clinic), Steve Brown, Leonard Charles (SBE), Tom Weeden, Kerry Maki, Bob Gorgance, Don Markley, Chris Kreger, Gary Dejarlis, Michelle Vetterkind (and the WBA), Terry and Linda Baun, Kent Aschenbrenner, Tim Laes,  Duke Wright, Greg Albert plus Terry and Sandy Schokley and Mr. Nate Geotz.

Richard served on the WBA Board of Directors.