Radio, TV stations band together to replace buses destroyed by fire

Community In the News Stations

Radio and TV stations in the Green Bay area worked together to help a local charity replace buses lost in a fire.

Aspiro is committed to helping people with disabilities and lost its fleet of buses in February. In response, a group of radio and TV stations and Lamar Outdoor banded together to raise $484,000 to replace the buses.

Stations involved included WLUK-TV, WBAY-TV, WFRV-TV, WGBA-TV, Cumulus, Midwest Communications, Woodward Radio Group, and The Family Radio Network.

In a statement, the station managers wrote, “Many of us have been doing this a long time, and must say that this unity, collaboration, and execution for such an important cause like this was the best ever. For this accomplishment to happen in such a very short time, is truly amazing.  All of us are committed to serving our communities and this collaborative effort was a terrific demonstration of it.”

“When we unite and provide others an opportunity to unite with us, amazing things can happen.  We are honored to have participated in this project at this time in our careers (many of us have been at it a long time). This was not done in isolation, it was done in unity and that matters.”

As of this week, three buses have been delivered and two are on order awaiting delivery.