Wisconsin Broadcasters Association

Even though there are still a few weeks left in this year, it’s time to pay next year’s WBA member dues.

When 2017 ends, so does your WBA membership.  You should soon be receiving your notice for 2018 WBA dues so sign up now and keep your membership in full force, without interruption, all the way through 2018. 

This year you can pay your dues online. Just go to https://wi-broadcasters.org/members-only/dues. You do not need your dues mailing to make your dues payment.

I’m sure you’ll agree that membership in your WBA is definitely a bargain. As an organization and as a cooperative of individuals with a common goal, the WBA believes in itself and its members. The benefits of being a WBA member are many, and pride of association with WBA is itself worth the price of admission. We urge you to renew your membership and join your colleagues in continuing to support the WBA.

Renewing your WBA membership means uninterrupted service: You will continue to receive ALL services in WBA’s special programs. And best of all, you will continue to belong to the WBA, the only organization in the whole state devoted entirely to the service and promotion of the broadcasting industry in Wisconsin.

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