News director takes on questions about how managers view awards

In the News Young Professionals

People in the news industry are often posing questions on social media regarding various journalism awards and job seeking. I am going to try to answer some of them today.

  1. Do news directors care about awards when looking at a resume?

As a news director and a person in charge of hiring, I can tell you definitively the answer is… maybe.

It depends on the news director. I have met some in my tenure who believe awards are a waste of time and a waste of money. However, I have met many more colleagues who disagree.  

Whether you submit yourself for an award, or your company does, it shows that pride was taken in that body of work. That alone is commendable.

  1. Do news directors view nominations differently than wins?

Yes, but not by much. There are many awards where just being nominated is a huge accomplishment. Second or third place is also admirable. Any praise from peers is noteworthy.

  1. Do some awards matter more than others?

Every award winner is chosen from a pool of entrants. However, some pools are bigger than others. Awards can be local, statewide, regional, national, or international. Typically, the larger the pool of entrants, the more prestigious an award is. News directors recognize that.

While I may notice that an applicant won an award of recognition from a local organization, an award like a national Murrow would move that resume to the top of the pile.

  1. Should you include a list of your accomplishments on your resume?

Yes! Showing that you took pride in your work speaks volumes to hiring managers.

Plus, it is a low-risk move. If you are applying to a company where awards are not valued, you certainly will not be faulted for including them on your resume. A no-risk move would be to list your accomplishments on a supplemental document that can be provided upon request.

In short, go forth and be judged. Besides a resume-booster, you may end up with some shiny hardware to show-off all your hard work.

Kristen Shill
News Director
Eau Claire