New role at WBA

In the News

My first solo shift on the radio was in the late 90s at WRST-FM in Oshkosh. I was hosting Jazz Directions. The station still today plays jazz every weekday afternoon.

I loved hosting that show, and I’ve loved all the experiences in broadcasting I’ve had since then.

Some background:

Before I left school, I was an intern at KFIZ in Fond du Lac. I took my experience from those two stations to land my first professional broadcasting job at WCLO-AM and WJVL-FM in Janesville. While there, I completed a graduate degree in mass communications at UW-Whitewater. In addition to the radio stations in Janesville, and started also working for the Janesville Gazette, which is also owned by Skip Bliss. I experienced a print newsroom and helped lead a shared digital effort for the radio stations and newspaper.

At some point during my time there, I started serving on the WBA Awards Committee.

In 2012 I moved to Madison to manage in the WISC-TV newsroom. I learned a lot about TV just by being in broadcasting, but I learned so much more when I joined such an active TV newsroom.

I’ve also taught young digital journalist at UW-Whitewater most semesters for the last ten years.

It was this background and a personal belief in the power of broadcasting that prompted me to help the WBA whenever asked. I couldn’t say no. I believe in the mission.

In 2015, I became the WBA’s digital consultant. I assisted the WBA with things like Facebook and booking speakers for our conventions.

I’m still working full time in a TV newsroom at WISC-TV, but I’m also committed to helping the WBA as the Director of Communications. In this role that I’ve started this month, I’ll expand beyond digital efforts to helping the WBA with internal and external communications and other strategic initiatives. I’m excited to serve.

I’ve met so many great people through the WBA and I hope to meet even more in this new role. If you know me, or not, you can consider me a connection to the WBA, which exists to serve all members. I’ll be looking for new ways to reach out to broadcasters at member stations to get even more people involved.

I’ve found it rewarding to get involved. I think you will too.