Wisconsin Broadcasters Association

I look forward to the opportunity to serve the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association as your Chair this year. I have been blessed to work in the broadcast business for the bulk of my career and I have been fortunate to not have to leave the state to do it. Through my involvement in the WBA I have developed my most cherished business relationships. It will be tough to follow in the footsteps of Steve Wexler, but I will do my best.

Every broadcaster within the borders of this fine state is selling some type of digital products along with their traditional offerings to help grow our advertisers’ businesses. All broadcast content providers are using their airwaves AND digital products to inform and entertain. These digital vehicles allow us to reach our viewers and listeners at anytime, anywhere. They allow us to develop relationships with our customers and our customers’ customers that were unimaginable years ago. But here is what irks me…when a client says, “I’m shifting my money to search.”  Really, a business operator thinks he or she can grow business on search alone? Please!

I heard the best quote from Jay Baer, an award winning author, speaker, and trainer who has helped the world’s most iconic brands improve their digital marketing and customer experience.  He said, “People talk all the time about local search and how important it is, and it is. But here is the key truth: Google, and any other search engine for that matter, can’t create demand. It can only fill demand that already exists. Here is something that nobody has done in history: Nobody ever goes to Google and says, ‘I don’t know, just surprise me.’ People search for things they are already interested in. So yes, digital is important. Search is important. But traditional is equally, if not more important because something has to create demand that people search for.”

Furniture is organized around TVs in the family room. Radios are in the middle of the center console in vehicles. We have the big sticks in the sky to distribute our programming and our clients’ messages from one to many. Broadcast TV and radio remains the most powerful advertising mediums ever invented to efficiently and effectively create demand for our customers’ products. Don’t let your clients spend a disproportionate amount of their budget on the bottom end of the sales funnel. For years to come, our bread will be buttered by creating demand for products and services for those advertisers we serve. Let’s not forget that!

-Steve Lavin
WBA Chair

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