Montoto to take leave, Wade named WBA Chair

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WBA Board Chair Lupita Montoto, La Movida Radio, Madison, is taking a leave from her position as WBA Chair, putting Vice-Chair Jan Wade in the Chair role for the coming year.

“I’m going through a medical situation with a family member that requires my full and undivided attention, and for that reason I’m making the difficult decision to take a leave of absence on my position as Chair of the WBA, until my son is fully recovered from a serious illness,” Montoto wrote.

Jan Wade is General Manager of WISN-TV in Milwaukee. The change is effective Dec. 1.

“Our thoughts and support are with Lupita and her family during this very difficult time,” Wade said. “And as for the work of representing Wisconsin broadcasters, the WBA Board and I remain fully committed to effectively dealing with all of the opportunities and challenges in front of us throughout the coming year.”

As part of the role change approved by the WBA Board, Wade will serve 12 months, until Dec. 1, 2023. At that time, Montoto will resume her position as chair until June 2024 to serve out her remaining six months as Chair. Montoto will serve as Vice Chair-Radio for the next six months. At the Summer Conference in June 2023, Montoto will move to the position of Immediate Past Chair as Don Vesely’s term in that role expires. The terms of all the remaining officers of the WBA Board will remain unaffected.

The WBA Board and WBA staff extends its love and support Montoto and her family through this difficult time.