Media Scholarship Sponsored by the WBA Foundation



The Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Foundation offers two $2,000 scholarships and two $1,000 scholarships to assist students enrolled in media related educational programs at Public or Private Colleges/Universities, Broadcast/Media Schools and Wisconsin Technical Colleges. Students who meet eligibility requirements are encouraged to apply for these scholarships. The deadline for application is 4 p.m., Friday, Oct. 19, 2018. All applications must be received by the WBA office by this date and time.


  1. Students who have completed at least one-half of their degree or graduation requirements in a media or media related course of study are eligible to apply. Applicants must be attending a Higher Educational Institution in Wisconsin that has been designated as eligible by the WBA Foundation Board. To see if your school is eligible, check out the approved school list [PDF].
    Students who have graduated from a Wisconsin high school.
  2. Applicants must be planning a media career that includes audio, visual and digital/social media platforms.
  3. Previous WBA scholarship winners are not eligible.


  1. All applicants must complete the WBA Foundation Scholarship Application Form.
  2. All applicants must submit the following materials:
  • Completed application form (below)
  • Current copy of OFFICIAL transcript of college/university grades
  • Two brief letters of recommendation supporting the application
  • An original essay written by the applicant which addresses one (1) of the following questions:

A) You have unlimited financial resources, create a new media company to be launched within a year.  

  • What does it look like? Broadcast, digital, social, other?
  • What is the audience?
  • How do you ensure fair news coverage?
  • Distribution?
  • Who do you hire?
  • Branding–how do you market?
  • How is it different?
  • How do you distinguish it from other forms already in existence?
  • How can this be a positive force?
  • And is it important?

B) What do you see as the single greatest challenge or opportunity facing the media industry? What would you do to address it?  Are you addressing this challenge now and who is your audience? 

The essay must be a double-spaced word type document not to exceed 1000 words.

  1. All application materials must be received by 4 p.m., Friday, October 19, 2018.

Note: Scholarship finalists may be asked to participate in a personal interview.

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    Career goal

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    Awards and Honors

    Media experience (may include internships, part or full-time work experience, and work at student media facilities)

    Current Cumulative GPA (required)

    Official Transcript of college/university grades [.doc, .docx, or .pdf]

    Letter of recommendation (1) [.doc, .docx, or .pdf]

    Letter of recommendation (2) [.doc, .docx, or .pdf]

    Essay [.doc, .docx, or .pdf]

    Demonstration of Financial Need (only required for David L. Nelson Scholarship) [.doc, .docx, or .pdf]