Marquette’s Amouzou recognized for being ‘natural leader’

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The Executive Director of the Marquette Wire will be recognized with the WBA Student Leadership Award at the WBA Student Seminar.

Andrew Amouzou was nominated by Marquette Director of Student Media, Gerry Ahern, and his predecessor, Mark Zoromski, both of which described Amouzou as, “a tireless optimist who leads with his head and his heart.”

Both wrote that whenever they would invite a professional broadcaster to a MUTV live program, the guest would identify Amouzou as a “natural leader.”

Amouzou served at MUTV’s general manager during the 2021-22 school year during which time he “inspired his team to tackle ambitious projects aimed at elevating the station’s reputation on campus.” One of his key initiatives was to establish the Advancement and Guidance for Journalists of Color (AGJC) group to foster a space for aspiring journalists of color. The group offers fellowship and learning opportunities from professionals in journalism.

Amouzou points his drive to be involved in sports from a young age as providing the experience to help shape him as a leader. He describes himself as, “A mama’s boy who values hard work and family. A former basketball player who values heart over height, teamwork over individuality, and perseverance over complacency.”

He wrote that his goal as general manager was to expand MUTV’s reach and push the team to have a positive impact on campus and the surrounding community. He said he’s proud of MUTV’s award winning live broadcast of a Sean Kingston concert and the part he played in producing a town hall on diversity and inclusion on campus.

“I hope my journey in student media inspires the next generation of innovators,” he wrote. “One of our assistant sports producers, who is a person of color, told me that through my leadership, he now sees an opportunity for him lead in his own way. Those moments truly mean the world to me.”

Amouzou will be recognized with the Student Leadership Award on Feb. 25 at the WBA Student Seminar.