Wisconsin Broadcasters Association

Fresh from Macalester College, Mackenzie Martin applied for the Operations Director position at WXPR. Mackenzie had a solid IT background from work done while at school, experience in and a love for public media, and a thirst to learn more about the tech side of radio broadcasting. Mackenzie was hired in mid-May 2016. With some help from the WBA Scholarship Fund, Mackenzie attended the Media Technology Institute at La Crosse just one month later.

Eight months later, Mackenzie not only hosts Morning Edition each weekday on WXPR, she manages the operations side of the radio station with positive energy and ability. In early February, Mackenzie coordinated a complete digital automation system upgrade at the station. Not bad for someone who has been “in the biz” for less than nine months.

I’m one of the folks with the white hair who’s been around this business since I was Mackenzie’s age. It is heartening to observe Mackenzie’s rise to success in her work. Mackenzie and her contemporaries are the future of radio and television. The Wisconsin Broadcasters Association continues to be such a forward-thinking group; engaging not only the wise veterans of TV and radio, but building bridges with the next generation of media professionals – people like Mackenzie Martin, who bring hope and vision to those who listen, watch, and trust in our message and service.

Thanks, WBA stakeholders, for believing enough to share some treasure to make the Media Technology Institute a reality for Mackenzie, and many others. Your efforts will echo forward like radio waves for years to come.

-Pete Rondello, Station Manager, WXPR

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