List of WBA Student Awards for Excellence winners

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2018 Student Awards for Excellence Winners

High School – Sports Programming (Radio)
1st          Bay Port High School – Hockey PBP: Sheboygan vs. Bay Port
2nd           Bay Port High School – Hockey PBP: De Pere vs. Sheboygan
3rd            Bay Port High School – Basketball PBP: Manitowoc vs. Bay Port

High School – News Programming (TV)
1st          Union Grove High School – UGHS Holiday Spirit Week News Production
2nd           Union Grove High School – UGHS Referendum 2017 Public Information

Long Form Production Non-News (Radio)
1st          WRST (UW-Oshkosh) – Deaf Community
2nd           WRST (UW-Oshkosh) – Forestry Management
3rd           Northeast Wisconsin Technical College – Red Cross Blood Drive – Radio Piece for

Long Form Production Non-News (TV)
1st          UW-Whitewater – The FERC: 2007 to Present
2nd           UW-La Crosse – The Strange Life of Doctor Dwight
3rd            UW-Whitewater – Dorm Improvement

Public Affairs/Talk Show (Radio)
1st          WUEC (UW-Eau Claire) – Miguel Coyula interviewed by Parker Reed
2nd           WRST (UW-Oshkosh) – Chancellor Leavitt on Campus Initiatives
3rd            Marquette University – Radio – Satire, Politics, Journalism in the Age of Trump

Public Affairs (TV)
1st          UW-Whitewater – Double Jump Gaming News
2nd           UW-Whitewater – RHA News: Week of December 7, 2017
3rd            Marquette University – TV – Breaking the Silence Town Hall

News Series/Documentary (Radio)
1st           UW-Stevens Point – Spectral Microcinema Featured Story
2nd           UW-Stevens Point – Operation Warm Featured Story
3rd            WRST (UW-Oshkosh) – Wind River

News Series/Documentary (TV)
1st          Marquette University – TV – Lucky to Win a Game
2nd           UW-Madison – Before I Wisco
3rd            UW-Milwaukee – Without Words

Newscast (Radio)
1st          WUEC (UW-Eau Claire) – Blugold Radio Sunday Newscast 11-10-17
2nd           WRST (UW-Oshkosh) – WRST 5:00pm Newscast – March 16, 2017
3rd            WRST (UW-Oshkosh) – WRST 5:00pm Newscast – April 19, 2017

Newscast (TV)
1st          UW-Madison – The Badger Report
2nd           Marquette University – TV – Marquette Now — 11/15/17
3rd            Titan TV (UW-Oshkosh) – Titan TV News, April 21st, 2017

News Story Writing (Radio)
1st          WRST (UW-Oshkosh) – American Airlines Coming to Appleton
2nd           WRST (UW-Oshkosh) – Titan Alert Concerns
3rd            WRST (UW-Oshkosh) – Millennial Drivers

News Story Writing (TV)
1st          Marquette University – TV – Marquette’s New Resident
2nd           UW-Milwaukee – Ben Slowey’s Rock-A-Thon for Suicide Prevention
3rd            UW-Madison – Soil Pollution Lawsuit

Feature Story TV
1st          UW-Milwaukee – The UWM Greenhouse is a Hidden Gem Filled with Research
2nd           UW-Madison – Cranes
3rd            UW-Whitewater – Sarah Winkelmann Reports: Fake News

Sports Story (Radio)
1st          WRST (UW-Oshkosh) – Concussion Insurance
2nd           UW-Stevens Point – Sports Story – 90 Seconds On 90FM #1 – Nathan Hansen
3rd            UW-Stevens Point – Sports Story – 90 Seconds On 90FM #2 – Nathan Hansen

Sports Story (TV)
1st          Marquette University – TV – Drum Guy
2nd           Marquette University – TV – Looking to Repeat
3rd            UW-Madison – Occupaws

Sports Programming-Non Play-by-Play (Radio)
1st          UW-Stevens Point – Women’s Basketball Pregame 12 – 15 – 17 – Alex Strouf And Nathan Hansen
2nd           WRST (UW-Oshkosh) – OShkosh Sports Saturday -November 11, 2017
3rd            WRST (UW-Oshkosh) – The Sports Page – Jim Paschke Interview

Sports Programming-Non Play-by-Play (TV)
1st          UW-Madison – Press Pass
2nd           Titan TV (UW-Oshkosh) – Titan Overtime Episode 7
3rd            UW-Whitewater – Warhawk Sports Saturday

Sports Play-by-Play (Radio)
1st          WRST (UW-Oshkosh) – UW Oshkosh vs University of Mount Union NCAA Football Semifinal
2nd           WSUM (UW-Madison) – Wisconsin Hockey vs. Bemidji State – 10/20/17
3rd            WSUM (UW-Madison) – Wisconsin Football vs. Maryland – 10/21/17

Sports Play-by-Play (TV)
1st          UW-Whitewater – NIWBT Wheelchair Basketball Championship Game 2017
2nd            Marquette University – TV – Marquette Volleyball v. Villanova
3rd             Titan TV (UW-Oshkosh) – Titan TV Sports Volleyball UWO v. UWRF

Air Check (Radio)
1st          WSUM (UW-Madison) – Femme Fatale
2nd           Radio1 Broadcast School – Zach’s I-94 Air
3rd            Radio1 Broadcast School – Isaih On The Air

Podcast (Radio)
1st          UW-Madison – Farm to Table
2nd           Marquette University – Radio – Opey Olagbaju
3rd            UW-Madison – When We Spark

Audio Storytelling-Sound (Radio)
1st          UW-Madison – Beats on Campus
2nd           UW-La Crosse – Untamed Universe 2
3rd            UW-Madison – My Life As Isaac’s Dad

General Entertainment Program (Radio)
1st          Blugold Radio – Wisconsin History Theatre-Prairie Chicken
2nd           WUEC (UW-Eau Claire) – Lion Man Radio Drama – WUEC
3rd            WSUM (UW-Madison) – Earthspeak Radio

General Entertainment Program (TV)
1st          UW-Whitewater – Head Games
2nd           UW-Whitewater – Evaluation Day
3rd            Titan TV (UW-Oshkosh) – Cole and Claudia’s Christmas Show

Station Imaging Radio
1st          Radio1 Broadcast School – Demitre Disney Promo
2nd           Northeast Wisconsin Technical College – TC3 Radio Imaging
3rd            Radio1 Broadcast School – Holden Wherever Liner

Public Service Announcements/Commercials (Radio)
1st          Marquette University – Radio – Helping Puerto Rico
2nd           Radio1 Broadcast School – Isaih’s Nicks Cafe ad
3rd            Radio1 Broadcast School – Zach’s Coulee Region Chill ad

Promotional/Public Service Announcements/Commercials (TV)
1st          UW-Whitewater – Embrace Today
2nd           Titan TV (UW-Oshkosh) – History Oshkosh Promo #2
3rd            UW-Whitewater – The Warhawk Way

1st          WUEC (UW-Eau Claire) – WUEC-Blugold Radio Sunday
2nd           UW-Madison – The Badger Report
3rd            UW-Madison – Curb Magazine

Social Media
1st          WSUM (UW-Madison) – WSUM Instagram
2nd           WSUM (UW-Madison) – WSUM Facebook
3rd            UW-Whitewater – UWW-TV Instagram Page