Keep moving forward, life is full of challenges

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We were just together during the Summer Conference in the gorgeous city of La Crosse, learning from experienced speakers, having a good time with colleagues and friends, honoring the milestone of four amazing broadcasters added to the WBA Hall of Fame Inductees, four wonderful WBA Local Broadcast Legends Honorees, and James Groh as the new WBA’s 2022 Young Professional of the Year. Congratulations all for a well-deserved recognition. Also, a very special thank you to Michelle, Kyle, Liz, and the WBA Conference Committee for organizing an outstanding Summer Conference!

I’m proud and humbled to be here for you as your new WBA Board of Directors Chair. Thank you for the opportunity to serve in one of the most recognized boards across the country with almost a 100 percent in membership.

I’m here to collaborate and assure you that I’ll look out for the best interests of the Association. We are facing some of the most challenging times we have ever dealt with. I urge you to keep looking forward to finding ways to take advantage of the challenges and reinvent yourself, your team, your company and take this opportunity to learn new things, and keep embracing change, especially in the digital world.

Facing challenges and taking risks is nothing new for many of us; that includes me. For those that don’t know me or if we haven’t crossed our paths during WBA conferences, events, galas, seminars, or meetings, I’m originally from the State of Veracruz, Mexico, with a Business Administration Degree and a master’s in marketing. I worked for almost 10 years for the Mexican federal government at the Commerce Department where I met my husband, Luis. In 1999, we married and decided to move to Wisconsin. We just brought a few wedding gifts and a bag full of dreams and hopes.

Since we arrived in Madison, our life has been full of challenges. First, I started adapting to life in a new country, without family or friends, trying to find community and resources, then adapting to the cold weather while learning a new language and working three different jobs, but always looking out for new opportunities. We saw an opportunity to start broadcasting as a way to connect the Latino Community.  Ten months later, Luis and I started a Spanish weekend radio show. Two years later we transitioned La Movida into the first and only 24/7 Spanish radio station in southcentral Wisconsin. Thanks to Dave Magnum and Tom Walker for working with us on achieving this dream.

Today, La Movida Spanish radio broadcasts on 1480 AM and 94.5 FM and has been recognized as the Large Market Station of the Year by the Wisconsin Broadcasters’ Association in 2015, 2017, and 2018. La Movida and its unique formula has been fundamental to keeping the Spanish speaking population in Wisconsin informed, connected, and entertained, and becoming the bridge that connects the non-Spanish-speaking with the Hispanic community. I now have 22 years of broadcasting experience and 10 years of serving the WBA Board of Directors, which has given me the experience that I will use to serve you as your WBA Chair. I’m a mother of two young men, Luis Angel, 21, and Manuel, 15.

Serving our communities and connecting with our listeners or viewers is the most important part of being a broadcaster. Being one of the oldest mediums, broadcasting has stood the test of time. In addition to the fact that it has a massive audience reach, it also remains one of the most trusted mediums. Over the years we saw our market changing and we needed to continue looking to the future, without leaving behind the localism. Over the past few years, like most other broadcast companies, we have added digital capabilities to our offerings. At the end of the day, it is all about evolving with market and consumer needs and giving them exactly what they need and want. As you branch out to the digital space, don’t forget to keep your passion for offering localism and be authentic. Your work is important and those you serve appreciate what you do. But don’t forget to invest in future growth and educate yourself and your team for the new challenges.

Embrace the challenges. We know that whatever situation you are facing at this moment, a shortage of team members or clients, or increasing expenses for gas, services, products, materials, etc., you must keep in mind that none of this is permanent. As your new Chair, please know that I’m here to serve you, to face together the new challenges that the industry is facing, move forward, and learn new ways to increase revenue keeping localism. Don’t forget to always keep dreaming, because the harder you work the easier will be to get your dreams to come true.

–Lupita Montoto
WBA Board Chair