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Radio and television stations from across Wisconsin submitted their best on-air, digital and social media projects from 2016 for the WBA Awards for Excellence. Award submissions totaled 1,783 in dozens of categories. Congratulations to all WBA Awards for Excellence participants. Great Job!! WOW! 

Another great job for the awards program belongs to that of a judge. Years ago the WBA set up a judging process that rotates with five other states for entries to be evaluated.  Within the five state rotations, states agreed to commit to judging 900 to 1,000 entries.

To make it as fair as possible for our members, we spend many, many hours to ensure that a judge selected to review a category and is not ruling on a sister station(s) entry in Wisconsin. We also find bilingual judges when needed.

It’s quite the chess game.

When we receive the list of judges from our judging state, the WBA takes that list of volunteers and assigns complete categories to a vetted judge. One judge can be given as many as 30-40 entries to judge. Judges receive the criteria for each category as defined in the Awards for Excellence brochure. A judge then reviews each entry and submits their placements. First, second and third place awards are honored at the WBA Awards Gala the first Saturday in May.

With 1,783 entries, we were challenged to find and meet our standards for judging Wisconsin entries. A call for more judges was heeded but a promise of cheese curds was needed to get the job done. With the superb job of 65 judges from eight states, you witnessed checkmate at the Awards Gala.

It was our pleasure to celebrate with you and your teams at the Awards Gala. You will find in this issue many memories in pictures from this year’s Gala.

Join us on May 5, 2018 as we host the Kentucky Derby themed Awards Gala for the 2017 Awards for Excellence.

Ready for your rematch?

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