Green Bay station helps law enforcement with acts of kindness

In the News

Green Bay radio station Q90FM (WORQ) is helping law enforcement make a positive impact on the community.

During the holiday season, the station provided $165,000 in gift cards to 50 law enforcement agencies throughout Wisconsin. While at the event, officers also stuffed 1,000 backpacks with hats, socks, gloves, toiletries, snacks, and free food coupons. Each backpack and its contents were worth about $40 each for a total of more than $200,000 in donations. Officers will use the gift cards to help people in need that they meet while on patrol. They can also use the backpacks to help with immediate needs of any homeless neighbors they encounter.

The program was founded to help offset the negative media surrounding our law enforcement officers and to shine a light on the acts of kindness that they do every day that go unnoticed. The donations are meant to help officers who run into situations where they might have otherwise opened their own wallets to help someone or must drive away from a situation in which they wish they could have done more.

Money is raised for the program though several events held throughout the year. Cops@Culver’s Day is the largest of the events across the state. Another is the huge law enforcement Ride with the Lights.