Wisconsin Broadcasters Association

Do you have an idea that could change the future of broadcasting? The NAB wants you to share it in an innovation contest.

Here’s the PILOT Innovation Challenge 2017 challenge question:

What is an unconventional way broadcasters and other local media could serve communities?

Local news and information is crucial. Communities need to be informed, whether about the traffic, government actions, impending storms, crime, charity events, concerts, or where to find the best pizza. However, in this digital age with endless sources of information, communities are seeking more resources that are relevant to their lives.

TV and radio broadcasters have continued to deliver stories, news and information focused on local communities, but what does the future hold for these vital sources of information? Think outside the box and submit your innovative ideas that will change the face of local media.

Submissions will be judged on originality, desirability and the plan. Submissions will be judged by a diverse panel of experts from the broadcast, venture capital, media, and tech industries. Twelve semifinalists will be selected by the end of September. From there, a smaller

panel of judges will select the top six finalists. The winners will be chosen by participants at the NAB Futures conference in November.

The top six entries will be awarded cash prizes, with one prize each in the amounts of $30,000, $25,000, and $20,000 and three prizes in the amount of $15,000. To help winners get their idea of the ground, they will receive relevant mentorship, access to key broadcast executives, and unmatched exposure at industry events.

Submissions can be made here: nabpilot.org/challenge

Submissions are due Sept. 22.

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