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Why do so many broadcast sellers, I’m talking about great sellers, folks that have a deep understanding of the marketing model. Why do they tend to avoid selling digital? I assume that it can be summed up with the age old “fear of the unknown.”  I don’t fully understand the concept; therefore, I choose not to play.

Because of this fear factor, many of us in the industry have developed an “us” versus “them” mentality. In fact, many stations that I work with have two different sales departments. You’ve got the digital sales folks… looking tragically hip in black t-shirts and cuffed jeans. (OK… maybe I’m guilty of over generalizing here, but I like the look!) On the other hand, we have the broadcast sales team, often referred to as the “traditional seller”, which I find highly ironic since I’ve never met anyone in our business that was close to what most would define as “traditional”.

The problem is that these two teams go through the day, for the most part avoiding each other. This is a disservice to you, your stations, each other and most importantly your customer. You know… the advertiser… remember them? This “us vs. them” thing, it gets in the way.

Digital Marketing is still marketing. Nothing fancy, no hidden powers. Just like broadcast, digital is a tremendous marketing tool.  In fact, the most important of the two words, digital marketing is the second one, marketing. Digital is just the most recent tool available to deliver a message to a potential customer.

Once again, the mission is marketing, and today we have more options and opportunities to deliver the advertiser’s message than ever before. On one hand, you say that’s awesome! I love the flexibility of delivering the message through multiple channels. On the other hand, you begin to question… everything. And if you are concerned, your customer is petrified!

Our role is changing, we are no longer the purveyors of 60s 30s and 10s.  Our job today is to make informed recommendations, based on a thorough understanding of the marketing options on the table. Simply put, we are now the keeper of the message.

So please remove the “us vs. them” from our vocabulary. It is time for all of us to realize that Broadcast Media… plus Digital Media… equals enhanced media performance.


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