6 Wisconsin House members sign letter seeking support for local media

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Six of Wisconsin’s members of the House of Representatives have added their names to a letter [PDF] asking the Trump administration to consider federal spending on advertising be prioritized for local media outlets.

Representatives Dingell and Upton from Michigan, and Representatives Flores and Veasey from Texas, are lead signers on the letter to the White House.

Among those signing the letter are Wisconsin representatives Bryan Steil (1st District), Mark Pocan (2nd District), Ron Kind (3rd District), Jim Sensenbrenner (5th District), Glenn Grothman (6th District), and Mike Gallagher (8th District).

The letter highlights the work broadcasters are doing in their communities to help with the pandemic.

“Local news and information on radio, television and newsprint is more in demand than ever, yet local media outlets are experiencing catastrophic losses in the advertising revenue that allows them to continue investing in providing that news to the public. This national emergency has caused a near halt to local business activity and in turn, the regular and vital advertising they purchase from local media. Without advertising revenue, local media outlets cannot survive.”

More than 240 House representatives have signed the letter.