2022 WBA Awards program released

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The 2022 WBA Awards for Excellence booklet is out and it includes some changes. Copies are in the mail, but you can also download it here.

Here’s an update from Your WBA Awards Committee Co-Chairs:

On behalf of your WBA Awards Committee, we hope you’re having a great summer and have already started to stash away potential entries for this year’s contest. 

After a successful return to an in-person Gala this year, we are counting down the months and looking forward to seeing all of you again for the big bash in Madison in 2023.

Your WBA Awards Committee has met in person and via email and continues to be full of thoughtful ideas and input on how to make our Gala better and better. Here are some details:

Social and Digital Media

The past few years social and digital media categories have been separate from the others and even had a ‘Social and Digital Media Station of The Year’ Award. The Awards Committee has decided to take the plunge and consolidate those categories under the Television, Radio News/Talk and Radio Music divisions. Just like all the other categories you’ve come to know and love, the social and digital media categories will be part of the point accumulation that will be tallied and used to determine the major ‘News Operation of The Year’ and ‘Station of The Year’ Awards.

Tiebreaker formula

After a large number of ties this year, including a Station of the Year Award, the committee decided the one-layer tiebreaker formula that had been used needed to be modified. A detailed explanation of how the new and improved system will work is in the Awards for Excellence booklet. Be sure to check that out, and all the rules to follow in each category to make sure you get all the credit you can for each entry.

While inflation has sent the price rocketing upward for so many things these days, that’s not the case for your WBA Award entry. 

Fee structure remains…

·        $45 for Television
·        $35 Radio

We also want to recognize the committee members who do all the heavy lifting. This truly is our favorite group of industry professionals to work with. No one is afraid to speak their mind. They all do great work and care deeply for our industry and the Awards Gala.

  • Tim Bremel – Big Radio, Janesville
  • Nancy Douglass – WLKG-FM, Lake Geneva
  • Jill Genter – WKOW-TV, Madison
  • Dan Kasper – Mid-West Family – Eau Claire
  • Heather Reese – PBS Wisconsin
  • Heather Storm – iHeartMedia
  • Tom Swigert – Hearst Broadcasting, Milwaukee
  • Lindsay Wood Davis – Chair Emeritus

We’ll see all of you at the Madison Marriot West on May 6, 2023!

Scott Chorski and Robert Kennedy
Awards Committee Co-Chairs

Scott Chorski
Co-Chair, WBA Awards Committee
La Crosse

Robert Kennedy
Co-Chair, WBA Awards Committee
Midwest Communications
Green Bay