Weekly Radio Addresses focused on Wisconsin workforce

Weekly Addresses

This week’s Weekly Radio Addresses from Wisconsin’s Capitol talk about the Wisconsin workforce. These addresses are available for Wisconsin broadcasters to use as they see fit. Here are the summaries from WisPolitics:

— In this week’s Democratic radio address, Gov. Tony Evers explains the need for policies to support the state’s workforce as well as kids and families.

Evers highlighted his budget plans to invest in clean energy to build Wisconsin’s future workforce and incentivize teachers and health care staff to stay in the state. Evers said he will continue to fund workforce innovation grants to address worker’s needs and propose initiatives to help working families.

“We must make additional key investments to maintain our economy’s momentum, bolster our workforce, and prepare our state for the 21st century,” Evers said. “It’s why I’m proposing major investments in Wisconsin’s workforce with initiatives to build the future we want for our state.”

Listen to the address:

— In this week’s Republican radio address, state Rep. Warren Petryk emphasizes legislative Republicans’ work on workforce legislation. 

The Town of Washington Republican stressed his Reemployment Assistance Act, also sponsored by Rep. Romaine Quinn, would alter the unemployment assistance program to provide training, counseling, and assistance in finding jobs. He mentioned further that these bills would address Gov. Tony Evers’ customer service failures for those on unemployment insurance during the pandemic and hold workforce programs more accountable to taxpayers.

“Voters in the most recent election overwhelmingly supported ensuring that our state continues to focus on assisting people to find work,” Petryk said. “That is why my Republican colleagues and I are reintroducing our workforce reform bills to enable people to start their careers sooner in our wonderful state.”

Listen to the address:

Find the archive of weekly addresses, organized by the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association, by going to: https://www.wi-broadcasters.org/for-the-public/weekly-addresses-archive/