Find tools to save time

Young Professionals
Katie Warren

With a busy start to the year, it is important to make sure you keep your thoughts in order and keep track of deadlines! Below are 3 great free tools you can use to help track projects, sales, and to-do’s all while being on time!

  • Trello- works on desktop and as an app on your phone. Great for project management and tracking daily/weekly/monthly tasks. You can even share it and collaborate with other people.
  • Google Streak- Hard to keep track of contacts and emails? You can create a sales funnel, email funnel, project funnel, ect… and attach emails directly to your entries. You can figure out where you are in the process without digging through the email chain.
  • Waze- Did you know you can plan drives? on days where I have many meetings, I plan all of my drives in waze and it notifies me 10 minutes before I need to leave for each meeting (and it takes into account traffic and delays).

Katie Warren, Midwest Communications, Green Bay