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What is MSRC?

MSRC is an FCC-sponsored effort which has developed “best practices” for local broadcasters to follow in times of disaster. The MSRC mission is two-part; to ensure that broadcast stations stay on the air during a disaster or are returned to the air as soon as possible, and to ensure that emergency information continues to flow from local officials to the broadcast stations. Both of these functions broke down to varying degrees in the post-Katrina days. Having learned our lesson, it has been shown that advance planning can avert these failures. In Wisconsin, we have taken these recommendations from the national MSRC committee and put them into practice as local market MSRC Plans.

MSRC Deployment in Wisconsin

WBA is proud to have been involved in the first statewide deployment of MSRC in the country. The Southeast Wisconsin (Milwaukee) market was the first broadcast community in the nation to formulate a MSRC Plan, and we soon followed with Plan implementation in the other five major broadcast markets in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin MSRC Market Chairpersons

Ben Lorber
Program Director
WISN-TV, Milwaukee
(414) 345-1452

Scott Chorski
General Manager
WKBT-TV, La Crosse
(608) 782-4678

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