Age is not a factor

Young Professionals
Cory Gylock

I thought the biggest hurdle I would face when I became a Local Sales Manager at 25 would be managing some people with more professional experience than I have years on this earth.

Now 29, it turns out the biggest hurdles I have had to face are all of the exact same hurdles any other leader has to face. How are we hitting our goal this month? What’s been wrong with Karen lately, how can I help her get out of her funk? What will give my team a spark? What’s the next big idea? When I do I need to have this report done? Etc…

As fate would have it, age was never a factor at all. Sure, at first my team might have been shocked by their new baby-faced boss but it doesn’t take long for a young professional to command respect in a management role.

The recipe is simple; be direct, hold people accountable, treat your subordinates with respect, work your tail off, lead by example, and do good work. Those principles apply whether you’re 25 or 55. Be confident. Be Yourself. Work Hard. Go Win!

Cory Gylock, WLAX-TV, La Crosse