Wisconsin Broadcasters Association

Nine new Walker Broadcast Management Institute graduates marked their end to the three year cycle of classes on April 20.

The graduates were serenaded with Pomp and Circumstance at the Fluno Center on the UW-Madison campus during a graduation ceremony. The students and recent Institute graduates heard from Deb Houden, PhD, an adjunct faculty member at the Wisconsin School of Business who talked about negotiation.

The graduation means nine positions are open for next year’s incoming class. The classes run in three year cycles, but students can join any year.

This year’s graduates are:

Bruce Barrows, WNWC-FM
Merry Ewing, WPTA-TV
Jill Genter, WKOW-TV
Brad Heinkel, WAOW-TV
Justin Hull, Woodward Radio
Jessica Laszewski, Gray Television
Ed Reams, WKOW-TV
Brenda Schultz, WOMT-FM
Nancy Stillwell, Madison College

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