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Young joins The Famliy as promotions coordinator

Posted On: April 24, 2018

Shawna Young has joined The Family Radio Network as promotions coordinator for the central Wisconsin area. She is studying small business entrepreneurship at Northcentral Technical College.

Young volunteers throughout her community and at her local church and is heavily involved in Operation Boot Camp, an organization that connects military families.

She enjoys music and spending time with family.  ... Read More

Webinar: Digital Ad Opportunities for Today’s Broadcast Seller

Posted On: April 24, 2018
Program Date: May 8, 2018

Jeff Knauss

Jeff Knauss, is Co-Founder of the innovative and quickly expanding Digital Hyve, a full-service agency in New York state. Hear first-hand how a broadcaster thinks about how you personally can be more relevant moving forward with your clients by including digital strategies. You’ll find his presentation spot-on as Jeff has previously served as a WHAM sales executive and daily deal sales manager plus the CYN Central Media Group local sales manager. Jeff has been a 10-year friend of ours here at Local Broadcast Sales.    ... Read More

Panelists named for WBA Foundation primary debates

Posted On: April 23, 2018

Jill Geisler

The Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Foundation has named the panelists who will be asking questions during two televised statewide primary debates scheduled for July.

The primary debate between Democrats in the gubernatorial primary will be held on Friday, July 27 at 7 p.m. at NBC15 (WMTV-TV) in Madison. The debate between Republicans in the U.S. Senate primary will be held Saturday, July 21 at 7 p.m. at WSAW-TV in Wausau.

The panelists for the Democratic gubernatorial primary will be:

Jessica Arp, WISC-TV

Emilee Fannon, WKOW-TV

Leigh Mills,  ... Read More

How do all of your station’s digital tools connect back to the bottom line?

Posted On: April 23, 2018

Seth Resler

In this day and age, it’s difficult to keep up with all the latest technology. As broadcasters, we’re expected to be proficient with tools that didn’t exist 15 years ago, from Facebook and Twitter to blogs and podcasts. At a time when every radio and television station is pressed for money and manpower, it can be overwhelming.

How do all of these different tools fit together? And how do they affect the bottom line?

To answer that question, it’s helpful to look outside the broadcasting industry. Increasingly, non-broadcasting businesses have come to rely on a method known as “content marketing” to grow their fanbases.  ... Read More

Madison photographer retires after 39 years

Posted On: April 20, 2018

WISC-TV photographer Doug Wahl has retired after 39 years in the business.

Wahl covered everything from trips to the Rose Bowl and Super Bowl to high profile court cases, and presidential campaigns.

Congratulations and have a happy retirement!  ... Read More

15 graduates join Walker Broadcast Management Institute alumni

Posted On: April 19, 2018

Fifteen graduates of the Walker Broadcast Management Institute got their briefcases this week as the Institute marked the end of its seventh three-year cycle.

The Institute is designed for broadcast managers and those seeking or being prepared for broadcast management positions. It’s held at the UW School of Business on the UW-Madison campus.

This year the students heard from Linda Gorchels on marketing and the future, Betsy Hagan on developing people around you, and Barry Callen on creativity. Steven Rick, the Chief Economist for CUNA Mutual Group, spoke at the graduation dinner at the Fluno Center.  ... Read More

Webinar: Embracing Digital Sales

Posted On: April 19, 2018
Program Date: June 21, 2018

As a media seller, you must become an absolute champion of both traditional and digital media. You are no longer just a Radio or TV rep, you are a brand and marketing specialist! So whether you’re selling digital or traditional media, the process of building a brand is the same. Embracing this is your first step toward success. Discover and define the features and benefits of your media assets, the three primary types of digital media,  the definitions for today’s Top 10 digital terms and the consumer purchase path.

With Speed Marriott

Registration information to follow  ... Read More

WBA, Jacobs Media provide digital strategy video series

Posted On: April 18, 2018

Seth Resler

The WBA and Jacobs Media are teaming up to bring members a video series aimed at helping stations build their digital strategies.

The first video titled “Digital Strategy for Broadcasters” is available now in the WBA website’s Members Only section and in the videos section of the WBA app. The videos are produced by Jacobs Media’s Digital Dot Connector, Seth Resler.

Check back every two weeks through August to catch the next videos in the series. We’ll tackle topics like analytics, social media, podcasting, and mobile app strategies.

This is a FREE service from your WBA.  ... Read More

Webinar: Compensation and Onboarding

Posted On: April 18, 2018
Program Date: July 11, 2018

Broadcasters need a strong talent acquisition plan for success in hiring and meeting revenue goals today & tomorrow

  • With unemployment at a low 4.1% many of you are having a challenge hiring for several positions such as sales, management, engineering and more.
  • Newer generations of workers consider different aspects of employment vs. earlier generations when deciding to join or stay.
  • Tenure of new hires will be shorter than we have seen in the past, causing more turnover creating a need for more frequent recruitment and hiring; in addition to the need of stronger engagement for longer retention of quality talent.
  •  ... Read More

If your station is a WBA member, so are you

Posted On: March 1, 2018

Michelle Vetterkind WBA President/CEO

We just came off a successful WBA Winter Conference and State Legislative Day and as I write this, we’re finalizing preparations for the WBA Student Seminar and the WBA DC Trip. These are a few of the many offerings and opportunities your WBA provides for our members.

Speaking of WBA membership, I have to share something with you that recently reminded me “Never Assume.”  Earlier this year, I overheard a comment made by someone who works at one of our WBA member stations. She was unaware that she was a member of the WBA. She assumed that just her station was a member. I have to admit that at first, I was a bit taken aback. Then I started to wonder how many others think the same thing.  I shared this at our January board meeting and many were struck by the thought… “I wonder if my employees know that they are members of the WBA?” Since then, we’ve tried to highlight “If your station is a member of the WBA, YOU are a member of the WBA.” You’ll notice it front and center on our e-newsletter we implemented this year. It was also mentioned during the Winter Conference and we will continue to do so at WBA events.  In the meantime, if you could please help us to spread the word on this at your stations, it would be most appreciated.   


Make sure to send your Young Professionals to The Toolbox!

It’s an event that’s been solely put together by our WBA Young Professionals Group (with a bit of oversite from Linda and Kyle in our office).  It will take place the day after our WBA Summer Conference this summer in Milwaukee. 

Many of our stations are stepping up with sponsorships for the event – as Hannah Anderson and Terry Stevenson from the WBA’s Young Professionals group made excellent presentations at both of our board meetings (Association and Foundation) and during the Business Luncheon at our Winter Conference.

I know they are still accepting sponsorships.  What a great way for you, our valued member stations, to show your support for the future of our industry!


The WBA Walker Broadcast Management Institute will take place April 17- 19 on the UW-Madison campus. The Institute, which is in its 21st year, is the first of its kind to be sponsored by a state broadcasters association. This year’s event has been sold out since Jan. 23, which is surely a sign of a highly successful event. I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Joan Gillman, who has coordinated the program since its inception.  We’re grateful that Joan really likes us and, despite her Emeritus status at the School of Business, UW-Madison, she’s willing to continue to work with us on the program, securing top-notch sessions and speakers each year. Make sure to register early for next year’s Institute. You’ll be glad you did, as these 128 graduates can attest to.

I look forward to seeing many of you over the next several months at one of our many WBA events: Walker Broadcast Management Institute, WBA Awards Gala, WBA Summer Conference…and that’s only the first half of the year.

Thank you, as always, for your time and support!  We wouldn’t do what we do without YOU, our valued members. Don’t forget that if your station is a member of the WBA, YOU are a member of the WBA.

Engage with interns and up-and-coming broadcasters

Posted On: April 20, 2018

TV was going to replace radio. FM was supposed to replace AM. Tapes would supplant records. 8-tracks would kill tapes. Cable would end television. Later, satellite would be the end of terrestrial radio. And today, digital audio and video is predicted to foreshadow the end of free, over-the-air television and radio.

Of course, none of this turned out to be true.

Instead, broadcasters adjusted and revised business strategies to meet consumers and advertisers where they are: on the air, online, and over numerous digital platforms.

None of the tremendous technology and media advances over the past 50 years should scare us. In fact, they ought to energize and stimulate our thinking, propelling us forward to innovate and create new ways to reach our audiences on behalf of our advertisers.

What does scare me, however, is our inability and/or reluctance to recruit, train, promote, and encourage young people to become part of our industry.

Perhaps like you, I had the broadcast “bug” when I was a kid. I created a “faux” radio station in my room in my folk’s house in Shorewood, Wisconsin when I was 14 years old (“WEXL, We Excel In Music!”). I rode my bike to Journal’s WTMJ when I was 17 years old and asked if I could be on the radio. I was told “no”, but was invited to meet radio personality Jonathan Green, who asked me to hang around, answer the phone, get his coffee, and learn all about broadcasting. That was the beginning of a journey that would take me from unpaid intern to the head of the radio division.

If an intern showed up in your lobby today and expressed interest in TV or radio, what response would they get? Would someone come out and talk about our business and potential opportunities with them? More to the point, are young people interested in our business in the first place?

As I think about the WBA’s many outreach programs and activities, I find the work we do with students the most inspiring. At the recent Student Seminar, I met many young energetic and talented students eager to talk about careers in media. Many of them were lured by on-air positions and some even seemed surprised to hear about the many opportunities in production, sales and marketing, and promotion.

I hope you’ll support these efforts, including the Young Professional’s “Toolbox” one-day seminar on June 22, right after our summer conference in Milwaukee. New initiatives like this one, in addition to Ken Beno’s work with students across the state, help position our industry as forward-thinking and relevant to a new generation of broadcasters.

In your own stations, I hope you’ll actively engage with interns and up-and-coming broadcasters so they can hear from you how rewarding, challenging, and fulfilling our industry can be. I am going to recommit myself this coming year to become more active in these efforts in my own company and within our own WBA.

Media technology will continue to evolve, bringing with it new challenges and opportunities as audiences seek new ways to consume our content. Let’s make sure there is a new generation of young broadcasters excited and prepared to welcome them to our changing business in the years to come!

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