Wisconsin Broadcasters Association

We’re proud to announce that your WBA has found another way to help you, our members, gain valuable EEO credit….the WBA Broadcast Internship Program! This WBA Menu Option Initiative, under the WBA Assistance Action Plan for EEO Compliance, says that your WBA will “Establish a statewide internship program, seek qualified candidates, develop a pool of candidates for recommendation to SEU’s (Station Employment Units), provide SEU’s with the names and qualifications of such candidates and allow them to select from the pool for their own station internship programs.”

We have been soliciting potential internship candidates by sending information to all the broadcast educators in the state, as well as those on our EEO dissemination list). We will be adding new candidates on an on-going basis, as this program is expected to run continuously.

If your station is interested in participating – go to our website where we have assembled the interested candidates’ information. Candidates are categorized by the geographical area where they wish to intern. You may then contact your potential intern directly. You will also want to print out the WBA Internship Section on our website, including your intern’s information, for your documentation.

Please note that according to our Washington Counsel, every SEU should document that they have an internship program and use reasonable efforts to have an intern “on staff” during some portion of every year within the two year segment for which they are seeking an EEO credit. This means that there should be an intern at the SEU either for the entire school year, for one semester of a school year, and/or during the summer. Having an intern for only two weeks of a year is clearly not enough.

SEU’s participating in the WBA Broadcast Internship Program should also have the intern contact their individual college to see if he/she is qualified to receive credit (if applicable).

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