Wisconsin Broadcasters Association

National MSRC Committee Website

This website is a source for more resources, as well as background on the formation of the national MSRC effort.

The Current Preparedness Documents page on this site contains the Vulnerability Checklists referred to in our PowerPoint presentation to be filled out by each individual station. That page also has model Disaster Recovery Plans, for stations that do not as yet have such a plan.

MSRC Station Staff Notice Poster
This is a sample of a letter stations can post to inform staff that the station participates in a MSRC Agreement. A call-up list is provided to contact station management.

Amateur Radio PowerPoint Presentation
In Wisconsin, many MSRC groups have been invited to send a representative to the local County EOC (Emergency Operation Center) during times of disaster to keep officials apprised of the state of all area broadcast facilities. We need a robust communications means to relay this information from all stations to our representative at the EOC. We have turned to the local Amateur Radio operators and asked them to form a Broadcast Station Disaster Net. This is similar to, but separate from, the existing Disaster Net they establish with Red Cross, hospitals, etc. The PowerPoint Presentation below explains this program to both broadcasters and Amateur Radio Operators.

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