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COME WIN WITH US! WE’RE LOOKING FOR A FEW GREAT SALES PEOPLE-COULD ONE OF THEM BE YOU? Do you like your sales job? Do you like the people you work for, and with? Do you like how much you make? If so, good for you. You’re one of the few, the proud. However, if you’re like many sales people out there, you have a feeling you could do better, and you’re right. If you come to work with our radio stations at NRG Media, we think you’ll be glad you did. Oh, sure, we offer everything that great employees have come to expect: health benefits (including vision and dental), 401k with company match, vacation plus personal days, life and disability insurance — all of that nice stuff. But the things that really set us apart are the intangibles. Like the fact that we work for a good company that is run by good people (how often does that happen?). Our teammates are too. There is plenty of freedom and flexibility here. And it’s fun! Laughter echoes down these halls every day. Some of it comes from our crazy on-air personalities. A lot of it comes from the sales department. They like what they’re doing. And they make a bunch of money doing it: the top ones are into six figures. There is no ceiling on what you can earn here. No one will ever cut your commission because you made too much. Someone said, radio’s supposed to be fun, but it’s really only fun when you’re winning. Well, we ARE winning. We’re the top market in our company in terms of making goal because of what this team is accomplishing. Why not come win with us?

How to Apply

If you're an experienced sales person who wants to finally work for a company as good as you are, please send your resume and cover letter to General Manager Aleese Fielder at afielder@nrgmedia.com. Or call me at 715-341-8838. I look forward to meeting you!

Contact Information

Contact: Aleese Fielder, General Manager
Phone: (715) 341-8838
Contact Email: afielder@nrgmedia.com

Equal Opportunity Employer

Post Date: February 2, 2018
Closing Date: March 31, 2018

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