News and Public Affairs Director

WORT-FM, a non-commercial, listener-sponsored, member-controlled community radio station in Madison, Wisconsin is looking for a news and public affairs director. This individual will be a driving force behind our mission to:

* Provide a forum for both the discussion of public issues, and the expansion of musical and cultural experience, in order to promote greater communication, education, entertainment, and understanding.
* Facilitate community expression and provide community access to share music, culture, news, and information.
* Challenge the cultural and intellectual assumptions of our listeners through unique and diverse programming.
* Include audiences and programmers under-represented by other media.

Responsibilities include:

* Collaborate with colleagues on the staff collective on managing the station
* Managing 20 hours per week of on-air news, talk and public affairs programming
* Hiring, training and overseeing approximately 100 news volunteers
* Ensure uninterrupted quality news and public affairs programming
* Be an active part of programming decisions to satisfy current listenership as well as acquire new audiences
* Assist with studio operations to ensure 24×7 broadcasting

Required qualifications:

* A minimum of 3 years’ experience as a working journalist
* A minimum of 2 years’ experience managing, coaching and/or mentoring others
* Proven ability to work within a diverse volunteer, listener and donor community
* Demonstrated problem-solving skills
* Strong verbal and written communication skills
* Proficiency with digital audio editing software as well as studio and field recording equipment
* Demonstrated ability to prioritize effectively in the face of multiple, competing and emerging/ shifting priorities
* Must possess or have access to a vehicle for travel to the site of emerging news stories and/or to transport volunteers who don’t have cars.
* Strong familiarity with social media platforms and podcasting to help our reach in developing our listener community

Posted on: October 10, 2019

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