Wisconsin Broadcasters Association

Online entries will be accepted starting Monday, December 12, 2016.


  • All entries must have been produced in their entirety by full-time students enrolled in any WBA member college or university for the calendar year 2016.
  • All entries must have been produced in the facilities of and using equipment belonging to or available as part of a regular academic program to any such Wisconsin college or university.
  • Any faculty or professional work used in any entry will disqualify that entry.

All entries must consist of original material produced by the student or students submitting the piece.


  • As in any contest, conflicts may arise. Issues involving judging of entries will be resolved by the judges; their decisions will be final. Issues involving interpretation of the rules and procedures of the WBA Student Awards Program will be settled by the WBA Education Committee. Their decisions will be final.
  • Each online entry for Television should be submitted in Vimeo (vimeo.comor YouTube (www.youtube.com).
  • Each online entry for Radio can be submitted in SOUNDCLOUD (soundcloud.comonly.
  • Entry fees are $5 per entry.
  • Fees can be paid online when submitting your entry.
  • Entries must be completed and submitted online. Entries must be received online by January 13, 2017 by 11:59 PM CST. Online entries will be accepted starting December 12, 2016.

Judging will be done by educators outside the state of Wisconsin.


  • Long Form Production Non-News (Radio) (5 to 30 minutes) (5:00 minute maximum)*
    Longer soft news or feature segments that would play during a magazine program. 
  • Long Form Production Non-News* (TV) (1 to 30 minutes) (5:00 minute maximum)*
    *Video Instructional/Corporate/Promotional Production/Non-News
    Productions that teach, train, and/or promote a service or organization. Examples of entries include training videos, recruiting videos, organizational profiles, product promotional/sales pieces
  • News Series/Documentary (Radio) (story treatment or single-issue that is 5:00 continuous minute minimum)*
    Full-length programs that incorporate such things as narration, sound bites, actualities, file footage, etc.
  • News Series/Documentary (TV) (5:00 minute minimum)
    Full-length program or multi-part series, that explores in-depth, a single topic.
  • Public Affairs/Talk Show (Radio) (5:00 minute maximum)*
    Hosted full-length interview or panel discussion program on a current, newsworthy topic.
  • Public Affairs (TV) (10:00 minute maximum)*
    Hosted full-length interview or panel discussion program on current affairs.
  • Newscast (Radio) (5:00 continuous minute maximum)*
    Full-length programs that include newscasters, packages and/or segments which were originally presented live or recorded live for later presentation. (NO POST PRODUCTION)
  • Newscast (TV) (15:00 continuous minute maximum)
    Full-length program that includes on-camera talent, packages and/or video segments that were presented live or recorded live for later presentation. Commercial breaks should be removed.
  • News Story (Radio) (2:00 minute maximum)
    Shorter hard news or spot news packages that would play during a newscast.
  • News Story (TV) (2:00 minute maximum)
    Hard news or spot news story that would play in a newscast
  • Feature Story (TV) (2:30 maximum)
    Soft news that would play in a newscast or magazine program
  • Promotional/Public Service Announcements/Commercials (Radio) (:60 second maximum)
    Standard-length (15, 30 or 60 seconds) promos, public service announcements or commercials.
  • Promotional/Public Service Announcements/Commercials (TV) (:60 second maximum)
    Short announcement that provides information, education and awareness and/or is intended to sell a client’s product or service or promote a corporate brand.
  • Sports Story (Radio) (2:00 minute maximum)
    Shorter sports packages that would play during a sportscast or sports program.
  • Sports Story (TV) (2:00 minute maximum)
    Package that would play a sportscast or sports program, not highlights or game summary.
  • Sports Play-by-Play (Radio) (5:00 minute maximum)*
    A five-minute segment of sports play-by-play which was originally presented live or recorded live for later presentation without changes representative of live sports coverage of a sporting event. (NO POST PRODUCTION)
  • Sports Play-by-Play (TV) (5:00 minute maximum)*
    Play-by-play of a sporting event that was originally presented live or recorded live for presentation later (NO POST PRODUCTION)
  • Sports Programming-Non Play-by-Play (Radio) (5:00 minute maximum)*
    Pre-game or post-game programs (originally presented live or recorded) or stand-alone sports program with packages or segments.
  • Sports Programming-Non Play-by-Play (TV) (5:00 minute maximum)*
    Regularly scheduled stand-alone sports program with packages and/or other segments
  • Station Imaging (Radio) (60 sec, maximum): station promos, sweepers, ID’s including legals which brand or image your station.
  • Podcast (Radio) (5:00 minute maximum)* Episodic audio recordings (example: community cause interview) distributed via a syndicated feed on the Internet. Recordings can be up to 2 hours in length. All entries in this category must be produced and distributed only as podcasts and cannot be material broadcast or disseminated through any other medium.
  • Air Check (Radio) Music telescoped total time 4 to 5 minutes
  • Website (submit print of homepage with URL)
    Social media site where all of the content is produced/supplied by university students. May be for student media, a university department, etc.

*Actual program may be longer, but submission should be limited to specified length.


Entries must be completed and submitted online. Entries will be accepted starting December 12, 2016.  Deadline for entering: Friday, January 13, 2017 by 11:59 PM CST.

Please follow the steps below to complete the entry process.

  1. Go to www.betterbnc.com;
  2. Click Contestant Login (upper left);
  3. Select the appropriate Contest;
  4. Select the appropriate contestant type:
    1. If you are the single point of contact for your organization, select Contestant Manager.

*Schools should select a single Contestant Manager, who will have access to make entries and create other Authorized Entrants who can make entries on behalf of the school. The Contestant Manager should then login early in the contest entry period, submit two entries, then finalize Contestant Manager account setup, including creation of any desired Authorized Entrants. (Two entries provide an added layer of validation from hackers and spam.) Authorized Entrants will receive emails requesting their account validation, after which they can create their own entries on behalf of the school.

Register an Account
You must first register an account through the online entry system in order to submit your entries. Once you are registered you will be sent a confirmation email with your registration information. Please keep this for your records.

By registering you will be able to track your progress, see what you’ve submitted and view a running total of your entry fees. You will also be able to save entries in progress and complete them at a later date.

Create Your Entries
When you’ve registered an account, you will be taken to the Account Summary page. Click “Add New Entry” button to start an entry. Complete the entry form in full. Be accurate and complete with your credits as this information will be publicized, exactly as entered, for winning entries.


  • You can save an incomplete entry at any time and return to complete it a later time.
  • You may delete an “In Progress” entry at any time.
  • You can view the details of a “Submitted Entry” or “In Progress” entry by selecting the “Edit button” beside it from the list on your summary page.
  • Editing a “Submitted Entry” will move it back into your “In Progress” entries. You must select the “Submit” button at the bottom after you edit your entry in order to move it back into the “Submitted Entries” portion of your Account Summary Page.
  • Your entries fees will be automatically calculated and a running total displayed.

Upload Digital Files

Each entry require a digital file to be uploaded prior to submission. For television use VIMEO (www.vimeo.com) or YOUTUBE (www.youtube.com) and for radio use SOUNDCLOUD (www.soundcloud.com). Copy and paste links to the content into URL field in your contest entry.

Please carefully review the category descriptions and submission requirements for full details. It is recommended to save all digital files to your desktop, in the correct file formats, to facilitate this process.

Submit Entry

Once an entry is complete, click the submit button at the bottom of entry form. You will be taken to a confirmation page that lists all of your entry’s details. If you need to revise your entry information, select “Back to Entry Form” button. If all of your information is correct select the “Confirm Entry” button. Once you click “Confirm Entry” the entry is submitted.

Pay Entry Fees

It is recommended that you complete all entries before paying your balance. To pay, click “Pay Online” beside your total balance owing on the Account Summary page. Full payment must be received by submission deadline. Entries submitted without the appropriate submission fee will not be eligible for judging. Only MasterCard, VISA and Discover are accepted online.  You can also call the WBA office (608)255-2600 to make payment via credit card. If you wish to pay by check, that option is available to you.

Deadline for entering: Friday, January 13, 2017 by 11:59 PM CST.


The Student Awards for Excellence and Leadership Award will be presented to the individual(s) most responsible for the piece entered. A plaque for the first place winner for each category will be given to the winning school.  A representative or the student(s) may accept the award.  In addition, Awards for Excellence certificates will be presented to each student in first, second or third place.


Awards will be presented to the winners on Saturday, March 4, 2017 during the luncheon at the WBA Student Seminar. The seminar will be held at the Madison Marriott West Hotel in Middleton. Registration and information for the WBA Student Seminar will be available on our website at a later date.

If you have any questions about the Student Awards or the Student Seminar please contact the WBA.


The “WBA Student Leadership Award” is given to a broadcasting or broadcast journalism student of junior standing or above at a Wisconsin college or university who has most noticeably developed and exercised effective and creative skills in leadership.

The student must be nominated in writing by an adviser, supervisor or faculty member.  The nomination letter must include specific examples when citing how the student meets the following criteria:

  • Is actively involved in a student broadcasting community;
  • Demonstrated instances where s/he provided a positive influence;
  • Demonstrated instances where s/he motivated others to accomplish a mission, despite challenges or obstacles;
  • Encouraged others to contribute toward the effectiveness and success of a broadcast-related organization or project;
  • Goes consistently above and beyond the scope of their job or project assignment;
  • Demonstrated the ability to lead in an ethical and moral manner.

The student must also submit a 2-3 page paper describing how their experiences in student media have shaped them as a leader or helped them develop a leadership style.

WBA Student Leadership Award nominations should be sent directly to Linda Baun.
Deadline for entering: Friday, January 13, 2017 by 11:59 PM CST.