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March 4, 2015

Station’s Guide to Monetizing Automotive Sales – March 10th
For nearly three decades, John Tkac ran some of the largest automotive dealerships in the country. John knows what it takes to get you in front of the auto dealer decision makers. He offers the secrets on how to help dealers understand, and want, your broadcast and digital products. Now, you can, too. Impact your local automotive advertising immediately by watching this presentation by John Tkac, Local Broadcast Sales Automotive Expert.

Digital Retargeting Audience Management – April 14th
Your advertisers can use your help. With this webinar find out the four benefits to positioning correctly retargeting and how you, as a broadcaster or digital expert, can enhance your advertisers ad package. In this webinar learn some new terms and see how broadcast and digital can be the perfect blend. Experience how to put together a service line that meets advertiser needs and generate a new revenue and profit stream for you. Presented by Mark Landon, Local Broadcast Sales Retargeting Expert.

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WBA Newsroom New Look, New Name

February 9, 2015

The Kidder News Resource Center has a new look and a new name.

Established through a grant from R. Perry Kidder to the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Foundation (WBAF), the Kidder News Resource Center is now the WBA Newsroom and the site has a fresh, new look and all the content has been updated.

The site was renamed, with Perry’s blessing, to emphasize its role as a highly functional online resource for working broadcast newsrooms in Wisconsin. The new online address is WBANewsroom.org. -more-

Chorski Elected Board Chair

New Officers & Directors Elected At Annual Meeting

Scott Chorski

Scott Chorski

According to WBA bylaws, Scott Chorski, Vice President/General Manager of WKBT-TV, La Crosse, assumed the Chair position at the annual meeting during the recent WBA Winter Conference.

Scott Chorski has been VP/GM at WKBT-TV for almost 15 years. He was GM at WSAW-TV in Wausau for the 8 years prior. He was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and has a special affection for the Michigan Gold Coast sand dunes. He graduated from UW-Oshkosh in 1980 and 1982 with degrees in Comm/Radio TV and then Education. He couldn’t find a job teaching and ended up taking his first job in the industry at Arbitron Ratings Co. in Chicago in 1982 as a sales assistant. He has since worked at TV stations in Colorado Springs, Minneapolis, Wausau, and La Crosse. -more-

President’s Column

Michelle Vetterkind

Michelle Vetterkind

Winter Conference and State Legislative Day

It was great to see so many of you at our Winter Conference/State Legislative Day events on January 20 and 21!

Tuesday started out with the Foundation Board Meeting in the morning followed by the afternoon Association Board Meeting. Both boards joined together that evening for our Joint Board Reception, which took place at the newly renovated Edgewater Hotel on the shores of Lake Mendota. We were fortunate to have Wisconsin’s new Attorney General, Brad Schimel, join us, along with his Director of Communications, Anne E. Schwatz and his Campaign Manager, Johnny Korenenos. As @WisDOJ tweeted later that evening: Great evening with Wisconsin Broadcasters Assn, @MVetterkind.

AG Schimel announced we’re making open records process more transparent. AG Schimel also announced that he’s excited to continue working with us as part of our NCSA/PEP (Public Education Program).

Tuesday also featured the WBA’s Social Media Session with Paul Jacobs & Lori Lewis of Jacobs Media. Judging by the positive feedback we’re receiving on the session, it appears it was certainly time well spent for those in attendance (it’s also encouraging, in terms of our WBA Digital Hotline, where we’ll be partnering with Jacobs Media, which debuts on February 1). Tuesday evening also featured our second annual WBA’s Social, at Brocach Irish Pub on the Capitol Square, hosted by the WBA Social Media Committee and the WBA Young Professionals group. The purpose of the Social is to provide an opportunity for “young” broadcast professionals (young being a frame of mind) to network in a casual, relaxed, and fun setting.


Keynote speaker Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and Michelle Vetterkind, WBA President and CEO.

Wednesday started bright and early with our biannual Job/Career Fair where attendees have the opportunity to meet with representatives from 244 stations; which was followed by our “Avoiding Discrimination in Employment Terminations” EEO Session, presented by Rebeca Lopez and M. Scott Le Blanc from our Wisconsin Legal Counsel, Godfrey Kahn.

A highlight of the day was our Keynote Luncheon, which featured Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, who provided a bit of interesting insight on her transition from news reporter/anchor to where she sits now, in addition to highlighting Wisconsin’s current state policy issues. Not to mention, the Keynote Luncheon also gave us an opportunity to recognize our wonderful long-time partnership with the Wisconsin Army National Guard.


Scott on a stick

This was followed by the Business Meeting portion of the luncheon. Our Business Meeting, as always, provided several moments of good natured levity interspersed with our formal business in hearing various Committee reports and watching Chair Kelly Radandt thank Immediate Past Chair Dean Maytag for his years of service to the WBA. While this would have been the point when Chair Radandt would have literally turned the Gavel over to your new Chair, Scott Chorski (who was unable to attend, due to an out of state corporate meeting), your WBA had a bit of fun with this one, creating a way for Scott to be with us, if not in person, as “Scott on a Stick”. The moral of the story being, if you’re not there, you never know what we’ll do to you! All in good fun, of course.

The afternoon continued with our State Legislative Briefing with State Legislative Chair Roger Utnehmer and Brandon Scholz from The Capitol Group. After everyone received their marching orders, we headed across the street to the Capitol where you, Wisconsin’s broadcasters, visited all 132 offices. You once again “covered the Capitol.” The day culminated with our Legislative Reception giving broadcasters a chance to relax, unwind, and chat with our Elected Officials in a more casual setting.

While I’ve tried to hit on the highlights of the two days, please make sure to take a look at the pictures featured in this issue of the Wisconsin Broadcaster.

In the meantime, thank you, as always for your time and support!

Chair’s Column

Scott Chorski

Scott Chorski

A Reminder and a Favor

This past October, our company had the privilege to have Gordon Smith, President & CEO, of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) both address and socialize a bit with our management team. There aren’t enough superlatives to describe Gordon. Suffice it to say we broadcasters are fortunate to have Gordon representing us on Capitol Hill.

My biggest takeaway from our visit was this quote:

“Of all the monied interests that lobby on Capitol Hill, there is only one that also has and fulfills a public service responsibility broadcasters. This is what separates broadcasters from all the other interests and is the story we need to keep telling. Don’t ever take for granted that your elected official fully grasps this….”

Those of you on the Washington DC trip last year know that we emphasized public service on our visits to both Senator’s Baldwin and Johnson. The point we tried to drive home is that we’re not just there for our communities in times of emergencies but are there for our communities EVERY DAY—informing, inspiring, fundraising, protecting, volunteering, and facilitating volunteerism. We engage our communities EVERY DAY and they respond to us. We take our public service responsibility very seriously and we must continuously update our legislators about the results of these efforts.

That’s the reminder.

Here’s the favor.

Would you please send me a good story about your public service?

I have two myself ready for our next DC trip. These could be as simple as a moving reply from a viewer/listener, or how a story you did impacted your community, or a successful fundraiser. I’d like to share some of your examples on our next Washington DC trip. Perhaps you can simply cut-n-paste something from the Localism request you just finished for Michelle. You can reach me at schorski@wkbt.com.

In the meantime, let’s all make the most out of each encounter we have with our legislators. It all adds up.

Are we open to change?

As I was wrapping up grad school and focusing on my thesis several years ago, I came to the realization that I should have done more work on the diffusion of innovation….a fancy way to say “change.”

But it wasn’t too late. I did a lot of work with diffusion of innovation in my last few semesters, and it was a key part of my thesis.

The topic fascinated me because I like change. When new web applications or software comes out, I get on the list to be an early tester. Even if the bugs aren’t worked out yet, I want to use it. I’m your typical early adopter. -more-

Legal & Legislative

A quick note from your WBA Legislative Committee Chair

Please drop a note or make a phone call to legislators who were successful in Tuesday’s election. Contacting them now will make your communications closer to our January Legislatiev Day more effective. This is a great time to invite newly-elected legislators to visit your stations.  Please consider inviting area broadcasters to meet together with legislators now to share our legislative concerns for the next session early. (more…)

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