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October 14, 2014

10.17.2014 Debate Archive

Below is a list of stations carrying the  WBA Foundation October 10 Debate:
Milwaukee Debate Coverage

WBA Foundation to Sponsor Two Gubernatorial Debates

October 13, 2014

Transmission Details & Media Advisory Downloads

Markets and Moderators/Panelists Confirmed

The WBA Foundation 2014 gubernatorial debates between Governor Scott Walker and challenger Mary Burke will be held on October 10th in the La Crosse/Eau Claire Market and on October 17th in the Milwaukee market.

Both debates will be offered statewide to Wisconsin television/radio stations for live broadcast. -more-

Digital Leadership Academy NOW AVAILABLE

October 12, 2014

The New York State Broadcasters Association recorded its Digital Leadership Academy for the first time…and your WBA has made it available for YOUR use.

Click here for more information

President’s Column

Michelle Vetterkind

Michelle Vetterkind

This month I would like to use my column to convey a short, yet enormously important message.

Is your station among the list of stations that participate in the WBA’s NCSA/PEP program?

The WBA’s NCSA/PEP Program is what allows your WBA to provide you with the many services and offerings we do.

To help provide you with an idea as to how reliant the WBA (like all State Broadcasters Associations) are on NCSA/PEP income, this graph shows the relative contribution of NCSA/PEP income to the overall WBA revenue budget. And, I might add, due to your NCSA/PEP participation, WBA dues have not gone up since 1991. Yes, you read that correctly—1991!

If you are on the list (and the majority of you, by far, are), THANK YOU! If you are not on the list, I strongly urge you to take part in this important partnership. Any questions as to how the program works, please feel free to contact me directly at mvetterkind@wi-broadcasters.org or call me at 800-236-1922. I’d love to talk to you!

Thank you—as always—for your time and support!

Chair’s Column


My 2014 Radio Show Takeaways

I would like to extend my apologies upfront to my TV friends. This article is all about the 2014 Radio Show Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, that I had the privilege to attend in September. Here are a few of my takeaways from this year’s event.

We Need to Pay Attention to Training
The conference was packed full of lots of sessions about technology, sales, interactive and programming. My favorite one was “Attracting and Winning the Next Generation”. There was nothing new but it was a good reminder that giving the proper training and support early on will make a difference when retaining millennial employees.

We Need to Focus on Our Core Product
My largest takeaway was the apparent swing back towards paying attention to our core product—RADIO. It was refreshing. Of course, interactive continues to be something that we all need to work to improve upon, and let’s face it, figure out a way to make larger margins of profit.

Radio Is Projected be Flat in 2015
Speaker Marci Ryvicker, an analyst at Wells Fargo, seemed encouraged by NextRadio and what it can do to help grow our business into the future. In general, she predicted that radio would be up 1% in 2014 and flat in 2015. That’s a gloomy review, in my opinion.

However, Things are Looking Up
We have good things happening in our state. It seems to me that business has picked up, and certainly political revenue helps that, but automobile and recruitment has certainly increased. All good signs.

Milwaukee Represented Our State Very Well
The Milwaukee market was very well represented at the Radio Show. Bill Hurwitz with Milwaukee Radio Alliance was a contender to win Market Manager of the Year Award. Unfortunately, he did not win, but what an honor to be nominated. WTMJ won Large Market Station of the Year at the 25th Marconi Awards. Congratulations to them! They were up against some very good stations from Seattle, Long Island, Minneapolis and Detroit.

Let’s Not Forget to Have Some Fun
My final takeaway was about putting the fun back into our industry. We need to pay attention to our people, provide the best content we can, both on-air and on-line, and spend time thinking about and adapting the future of our industry and we’ll be just fine.

Facebook is looking for quality. Do you have it?

By the time you read this, the rules Facebook uses for determining what appears on news feeds will probably change again.

But the most recent news from Facebook on regarding its news feed is another attempt to get rid of “clickbait.”

Clickbait is a bait and switch. It’s less-than compelling content teased in a way that’s makes it appear more compelling than it is. Example:

“This baby riding a puppy is precious, but you won’t believe what happens next!”

I’ll ruin it for you. The baby falls off.

Facebook wants its users to be satisfied when they click on links in their news feed. Give Facebook credit. They want quality.

But how can you write an algorithm that measures quality? -more-

Legal & Legislative

2013–2014 State Legislative Session A Memorable One For Wisconsin’s Radio & Television Broadcasters!

By Brandon Scholz, Capitol Group & Michelle Vetterkind, WBA State Lobbyists

First and foremost, the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association fought from the opening day of the legislative session in 2013 to the very last legislative day in 2014 to pass the industry’s top priority issue – the sales tax exemption on broadcast equipment and electricity charges.

As the WBA expanded its presence and footprint in the State Capitol, even more was accomplished as a number of issues made their way through the legislative process. (more…)

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