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FCC Postpones Incentive Auction Rules Until August 6 by Gary Arlen

July 16, 2015

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler has dropped two items off the agenda for Thursday’s Committee meeting — postponing consideration until Aug. 6 meeting of the procedural rules for the broadcast spectrum incentive auction and repacking of the broadcast airwaves. The related review the Mobile Spectrum Holdings Report and Order has also been postponed; delaying the latter item gives T-Mobile and other carriers more time to plot their way onto the auctioned airwaves. View full article.

FCC Finalizes Enforcement Field Op Changes by Paul McLane

The Federal Communications Commission adopted a plan to modernize field operations within its Enforcement Bureau.

“The proposal will improve efficiency, better position the agency to do effective radio interference detection and resolution and meet other enforcement needs, and save millions of dollars annually after implementation is complete,” it stated.

Plans to scale back had generated controversy and strong reactions in the industry, and the plan has been modified since it was first floated.  View full article.

Senate Passes Integrated Public Alert and Warning System Legislation Introduced by Senators Johnson, McCaskill

July 10, 2015

Please click here to view the article.

The Digital Dot Connector Webinar – Now Archived

Please click here to view the Webinar that was offered on July 9.

As part of the WBA’s Digital Hotline…

Introducing Seth Resler: The Digital Dot Connector
Thursday, July 9 at 1 PM CDT

By now you’ve read about the addition of Seth Resler to the Jacobs Media/jācapps team.  We are excited about his approach and vision about connecting the dots – helping you gain a better understanding and focus of your many assets and tools.  That’s why we chose “Digital Dot Connector” as his title. 


June 29, 2015


More Information

AG Schimel’s Open Government Summit

June 24, 2015

Free, space is limited to first 150 registrants
Wisconsin State Capitol • Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Hall • 413 North
RSVP – Registration will close on July 22 More information

President’s Column

Michelle Vetterkind

Michelle Vetterkind

2015 Summer Conference Review

If you were one of the nearly 400 broadcasters, exhibitors, associate members and guests who joined us for the WBA’s Summer Conference, held during the week of June 15 at the bustling Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells, I think you’ll agree it was a most memorable event! We’re still receiving excellent feedback.

For some of us, Conference Week started on Monday morning, with the WBA’s fourth annual Media Technology Institute (MTI), underwritten by the WBA and Duke Wright of Midwest Communications. MTI provides practical, instructional courses for prospective, beginning, and current broadcast/ media engineers. MTI consists of three days of instructional content and one day of technical seminars/equipment exhibition as part of the WBA Summer Engineering Conference. Chief Instructor Terry Baun was joined by Jim Klas, WI ECB; Bill Hubbard, UW-Green Bay; Richard Wood, Resonant Results; and Jeff Welton, Nautel. -more-

Chair’s Column

Scott Chorski

Scott Chorski

I read this article just prior to the WBA Summer Conference. Thought it would be interesting to share in light of Paul Jacob’s Millenials presentation and because it is such a hot topic. It was written for a Travel publication and I took out the paragraphs that were specific to travel only. If you’d like the whole article with links to Superbowl ad, please write me.

Are Millennials Getting More Attention Than They Deserve?
By Matthew Bailey, June 8, 2015

I’m fascinated by the weekly deluge of studies and columns about the preferences and behaviors of the Millennials. While it is good to keep a pulse on future generations, I think that there is a lot of undue attention being thrust on this very small corner of the larger consumer picture. My caution is not one to ignore the Millennials but to realize that while there is a lot of noise in this area, much of the data stands contrary to the amount of attention. -more-

Face it…you need help with digital media

Kyle Geissler

Kyle Geissler, WBA Digital Consultant

A recently had a couple of frustrating days with social media. We’ve all had them. When it happens, you wish you could just talk to those who build and operate social media platforms to find out what they want.

I don’t have Mark Zuckerberg’s phone number, but I have the number for the WBA Digital Hotline.

So, after wallowing in my frustration, I realized that I wasn’t alone and I contacted the hotline.

Seth Resler talked with me for about 15 minutes about what we were experiencing and provided some articles and ideas for lowering the frustration. He was very helpful.

Webinars and conferences are great, but sometimes one-size-fits-all doesn’t cut it and it’s helpful to get one-on-one answers to your questions from someone who knows what you’re going through. It’s also nice to get advice when the competition isn’t in the room.

Click here for information on how to contact the digital hotline.

Print that out. Put it at your desk. Share it with your employees. You don’t have to be a manager to call.

If you ever lose the information, find it again on the WBA homepage.

I know you have questions. I know you have frustrations. You’re not alone. Call.

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