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Keep Broadcasters Foundation in mind for 2015

December 8, 2014

From RBR/TVBR, November 13, 2014
By Jim Thompson

Jim Thompson

Jim Thompson

The end of the year is a particularly busy time of year for broadcasters, professionally and personally. We are finalizing budgets for next year and thinking about gifts, trips, and dinners with our friends and family for the upcoming holiday season. It’s a mix of joy and stress and hope and worry. As broadcasters, we also start thinking about the best ways to use our local prominence to rally support for our communities by promoting local charitable events and outreach programs. As the season of giving and thanksgiving comes upon us, we may even conduct our own on-air fundraisers for a worthy cause. We are fortunate to work in a profession that is integral to the growth and safety of the communities we serve. -more-

Introducing the WBA’s Digital Hotline

December 1, 2014

By: Paul Jacobs, Jacobs Media

For our contribution to the WBA Newsletter, we turn to two famous philosophers: Confucius and CBS CEO Les Moonves.

Confucius is credited with saying, “May you live in interesting times.” This has become known as “the Chinese curse” because, as broadcasters know only too well, the last decade or so has certainly been “interesting,” as well as challenging and often trying.

And in a recent CNN interview, CBS CEO Les Moonves spoke for many broadcasters when he responded with this reply to a question about consumers moving to different gadgets and media outlets to enjoy his company’s programming:

“My job is to reach them wherever I can so I can be a great broadcaster and also look forward to the future online, and they’re not mutually unacceptable.”  -more-

Watch for Your 2015 WBA Dues Information

October 30, 2014

Even though there are still a few weeks left in this year, it’s time to pay next year’s dues!

When 2014 ends, so does your WBA membership. So sign up now and keep your membership in full force, without interruption, all the way through 2015. You should will be receiving your notice for 2015 WBA membership dues the first week of November (we mail them out on November 1 each year, according to our bylaws). -more-

President’s Column

Michelle Vetterkind

Michelle Vetterkind

2014 Fall Elections are Over!

Due to how important our Legislative efforts are to the industry (namely YOU, as constituents and LOCAL Broadcasters), I’d like to again share what State Legislative Chair Roger Utnehmer conveyed in an e-mail to WBA members earlier this month. -more-

Chair’s Column


Keep Calm and Carry On This Holiday Season

Tis’ the season for 2015 budgeting, making end-of-year goals, all of us juggling additional duties while people are on vacations, station holiday events, holiday shopping, running from relative to relative over the holidays and so on. All of this can cause a lot of stress, if you let it. -more-

Are we open to change?

As I was wrapping up grad school and focusing on my thesis several years ago, I came to the realization that I should have done more work on the diffusion of innovation….a fancy way to say “change.”

But it wasn’t too late. I did a lot of work with diffusion of innovation in my last few semesters, and it was a key part of my thesis.

The topic fascinated me because I like change. When new web applications or software comes out, I get on the list to be an early tester. Even if the bugs aren’t worked out yet, I want to use it. I’m your typical early adopter. -more-

Legal & Legislative

A quick note from your WBA Legislative Committee Chair

Please drop a note or make a phone call to legislators who were successful in Tuesday’s election. Contacting them now will make your communications closer to our January Legislatiev Day more effective. This is a great time to invite newly-elected legislators to visit your stations.  Please consider inviting area broadcasters to meet together with legislators now to share our legislative concerns for the next session early. (more…)

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