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June 29, 2015



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AG Schimel’s Open Government Summit

June 24, 2015

Free, space is limited to first 150 registrants
Wisconsin State Capitol • Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Hall • 413 North
RSVP – Registration will close on July 22 More information

WBA Partners In Launching New Local Government Transparency Initiative

May 18, 2015

The Wisconsin Women’s Council, in partnership with the Wisconsin Newspaper Association and the Wisconsin Broadcaster’s Association, is launching a new initiative recognizing units of local government that provide easy access to information on public officials and public meetings through their official websites.

President’s Column

Michelle Vetterkind

Michelle Vetterkind

Invited to Serve: 
Operation Welcome Home Committee

We were thrilled to have John Scocos, Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) and Dan Buttery, Marketing Manager for DVA, join us for the WBA Executive Committee Meeting in April.

Dan was able to come back later that day for the full WBA Board meeting to talk about Operation Welcome Home, a commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War which will take place throughout the rest of 2015 and 2016. With a father who served in WWII and a brother who served in Vietnam, I am most honored to have been asked by Secretary Scocos and WDVA to serve on the Committee.

In light of our partnership last year with Wisconsin Honor Flights, it seemed highly fitting for Secretary Scocos and Dan to join us for our meeting, especially as the WBA Board is looking to begin a new planning cycle for the WBA’s Long Range Plan. The support that you, our valued members, have shown for veterans’ initiatives has been tremendous.

As Operation Welcome Home and the commemoration will also consist of events throughout the state, stay tuned for more information about how the WBA and the WBA Foundation will be partnering with the Wisconsin DVA for Operation Welcome Home. -more-

Chair’s Column

Scott Chorski

Scott Chorski

Funniest Sales Call Ever?

Dateline: Late 1980s in Colorado Springs.

My first job in TV.

I’m on my way up to Denver to make a presentation to an agency who isn’t buying us due to perceived lack of audience in key zip codes of the market. I’m the Research Director at KOAA-TV and I can prove we do have the audience. Got it all on a wellproduced video with a printed version back-up.

Agency guy tells our Regional Manager and me, in advance, that he’ll drive us to lunch in his new car. I don’t bother to clean up mine since he’s driving. Do any of you reading this “live in your car”?

When we arrive, he tells me I need to drive as his car wasn’t delivered on time. Crap. I tell him to give me a couple minutes to clean up the back seat. I set my briefcase down next to the rear wheel while I throw everything in the trunk. When he and Eileen emerge, I’m thinking I should open the passenger door for Eileen. That chivalry cost me. -more-

Is there a better way to measure relevance?

If part of your responsibilities is to manage a Facebook account for your station, do you find that it is changing how you view the value of content?

Facebook is looking for engaging content, which means content that’s going to evoke a reaction from your audience. Like it or not, that’s what Facebook uses. No doubt, this has changed what many of us view as “quality content.”

But should we let Facebook define what good content is, or should there be more to making that measurement?

Is Facebook’s measure of “engagement” a good measure? In some ways, yes. Getting a reaction is how we know that we’ve made a difference to our audience.

But is there a segment of content out there that’s good content….content the audience needs and wants….that doesn’t evoke a reaction?

It’s hard to concisely define what that content is, but I know from experience that it’s there. I don’t expect Facebook to rewrite its news feed code based on my notions, but I can’t help but wonder if there’s a measurement that’s more dynamic that could further refine what content is relevant for our audiences.

It’s in Facebook’s best interest to figure out what that is. Perhaps they’ll be the first to find and exploit it.

What’s your idea of a good measurement? Could an advancement in technology make it happen?

WBA Social Media Committee

Jake Anderson, WXOW/WQOW Television
Kyle Geissler, WISC-TV
Neal Oberg, Morgan Murphy Media
Thomas Swigert, WISN-TV

Legal & Legislative

A quick note from your WBA Legislative Committee Chair

Please drop a note or make a phone call to legislators who were successful in Tuesday’s election. Contacting them now will make your communications closer to our January Legislatiev Day more effective. This is a great time to invite newly-elected legislators to visit your stations.  Please consider inviting area broadcasters to meet together with legislators now to share our legislative concerns for the next session early. (more…)

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