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Watch for Your 2015 WBA Dues Information

October 30, 2014

Even though there are still a few weeks left in this year, it’s time to pay next year’s dues!

When 2014 ends, so does your WBA membership. So sign up now and keep your membership in full force, without interruption, all the way through 2015. You should will be receiving your notice for 2015 WBA membership dues the first week of November (we mail them out on November 1 each year, according to our bylaws). -more-

WBA’s Broadcast Internship Program

October 29, 2014

Another Way To Assist You With Your EEO Compliance! And gain one credit per 2-year period.

Your WBA is always looking for ways to assist our member stations with EEO credits. As part of the WBA Assistance Action Plan for EEO Compliance we are proud to offer the WBA Broadcast Internship Program! -more-

Your WBA to offer WBA Digital Hotline with Jacobs Media

October 28, 2014

New WBA Member Service Begins February 1, 2015

Leading broadcast media consultant Jacobs Media has been selected by your WBA to provide innovative and important services to our members. Their efforts will center on helping WBA member radio and television stations improve their digital, social media, and mobile strategies. For more than three decades, Jacobs Media has consulted major, medium, and small market broadcasters across North America, providing expertise and perspective during changing times. They have a team of diverse experts that will be on call to provide advice at no charge to you, our valued WBA members. -more-

President’s Column

Michelle Vetterkind

Michelle Vetterkind

WBA Foundation Sponsors Two Gubernatorial Debates

It’s been interesting to look back at my notes from when both boards asked us in early 2013 to come up with a new WBA Debate Plan, with a goal of being more inclusive of our membership by encouraging a more market-based approach.

From the formation of the Debate Committee (with recommendations coming from both boards) to the re-evaluating and refining throughout a six-month period with the final plan being passed at the Joint Board Meeting this past June, it was quite the experience to see the final plan put into action—TWICE! -more-

Chair’s Column


Collaboration Leads to Successful Debates

Collaboration is the art of working together to achieve a mutually agreeable and successful outcome. Our recent WBA sponsored debates are evidence of that.

The WBA Foundation Board and the WBA Board considered the most fair, non-biased way to put these debates together. A committee, consisting of both board members and non-board members, was formed. The final recommendation was that each debate would have a market coordinator, a moderator, and four panelists, consisting of both TV and Radio members. -more-

Are we open to change?

As I was wrapping up grad school and focusing on my thesis several years ago, I came to the realization that I should have done more work on the diffusion of innovation….a fancy way to say “change.”

But it wasn’t too late. I did a lot of work with diffusion of innovation in my last few semesters, and it was a key part of my thesis.

The topic fascinated me because I like change. When new web applications or software comes out, I get on the list to be an early tester. Even if the bugs aren’t worked out yet, I want to use it. I’m your typical early adopter. -more-

Legal & Legislative

A quick note from your WBA Legislative Committee Chair

Please drop a note or make a phone call to legislators who were successful in Tuesday’s election. Contacting them now will make your communications closer to our January Legislatiev Day more effective. This is a great time to invite newly-elected legislators to visit your stations.  Please consider inviting area broadcasters to meet together with legislators now to share our legislative concerns for the next session early. (more…)

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