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    Broadcasters Clinic

    The 2014 Broadcasters Clinic and Upper Midwest SBE Regional Meeting will take place October 21-23 at the Madison Marriott West Hotel.

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    Online entries will be accepted starting December 1, 2014.

WBA to Offer Digital Leadership Academy

September 8, 2014

The New York State Broadcasters Association is recording its Digital Leadership Academy for the first time…and your WBA has made it available for YOUR use in early October 2014.


WBA Joins in Filing Regarding Public Inspection/Political File

September 3, 2014

On behalf of all 50 State Broadcasters Associations (including your WBA), a letter was filed with the Commission on August 28 in response to the Commission’s request for comment on whether it should initiate a rule making proceeding to extend to radio station licensees the Commission’s current online public inspection file/political file regulations.  -more-

WBA Foundation to Sponsor Gubernatorial Debates

The Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Foundation is sponsoring two debates in the 2014 gubernatorial elections.

The debates between Republican Governor Scott Walker and Democrat Mary Burke will be held on October 10 in the La Crosse/Eau Claire Market and on October 17 in the Milwaukee market.

The details of the debates are being worked out by WBA members in each market and will be released as soon as they are confirmed. -more-

President’s Column

Michelle Vetterkind

Michelle Vetterkind

Summer: Never a Dull Moment

Ahhhhhh August—those last relaxing days of Summer…wait a minute, not so much!

We haven’t slowed down a beat this summer at your WBA and your WBA Foundation. To name a few of our most recent highlights:

  • Your WBA Foundation is in the final planning stages for our two Gubernatorial Debates coming up in October.
  • Your WBA is gearing up for a fabulous Broadcasters Clinic in October.
  • Your WBA Foundation is in the process (under the leadership of Tim Morrissey) of revitalizing the Kidder Broadcast News Resource Center.
  • And … of course, what always seems to be front and center in terms of your WBA’s priorities? You guessed it: Legislative Issues! -more-

Chair’s Column


Remember To Laugh With Someone

I was watching CBS Sunday Morning on July 20th and one of the topics was President Reagan’s sense of humor. Whether you agree with his politics or not, he certainly had a way of disarming both his colleagues and adversaries with his quick wit.

I was surprised to see that those “one liners” were usually prepared well in advance, kept on a set of three-by-five index cards, and brought out during speeches and general conversations.

Humor is so important in the workplace. Here are several of my favorite reasons why from The Humor That Works website:

  • Humor increases persuasion. Humor can be highly persuasive when presenting a message that people disagree with because humor distracts them from immediately creating counter arguments, in part because they don’t feel the message is being crammed down their throats.
  • Humor builds trust. Social benefits of humor include group cohesiveness, diffusion of conflict, team and trust building amongst diverse groups.
  • Humor increases employee engagement. Managers who lead with levity benefit from higher levels of employee engagement and overall success.
  • Humor enhances perceived leadership skills. People who use humor, particularly in stressful situations, are viewed as being on top of things, being in charge and in control, whether they are in fact or not.

My own boss, Greg Bell, has a very good sense of humor. It’s a very dry sense of humor; the kind where you can’t quite tell if he’s being serious or not. It’s quite effective. Just ask anyone who’s worked with him.

Humor is a skill that more people should work at developing, but first start by relaxing and not quite taking everything so seriously. Remember to laugh with someone today! I will.

Facebook is looking for quality. Do you have it?

By the time you read this, the rules Facebook uses for determining what appears on news feeds will probably change again.

But the most recent news from Facebook on regarding its news feed is another attempt to get rid of “clickbait.”

Clickbait is a bait and switch. It’s less-than compelling content teased in a way that’s makes it appear more compelling than it is. Example:

“This baby riding a puppy is precious, but you won’t believe what happens next!”

I’ll ruin it for you. The baby falls off.

Facebook wants its users to be satisfied when they click on links in their news feed. Give Facebook credit. They want quality.

But how can you write an algorithm that measures quality? -more-

Legal & Legislative

2013–2014 State Legislative Session A Memorable One For Wisconsin’s Radio & Television Broadcasters!

By Brandon Scholz, Capitol Group & Michelle Vetterkind, WBA State Lobbyists

First and foremost, the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association fought from the opening day of the legislative session in 2013 to the very last legislative day in 2014 to pass the industry’s top priority issue – the sales tax exemption on broadcast equipment and electricity charges.

As the WBA expanded its presence and footprint in the State Capitol, even more was accomplished as a number of issues made their way through the legislative process. (more…)

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